ODLB300-530 | ODLB300 Overdrive Linear Light Bar (12") | 530nm Green Light, DIffused

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The ODLB300 array utilizes 12 high intensity LEDs being the longest light in the Connect-a-light Series. It also features an integrated Overdrive driver built into the light with a maximum strobe rate of 5000 strobes per second. It eliminates the need for any external components in the lighting system. NPN or PNP strobe triggers can be used to control the pulse of the light. Intensity of the light can be controlled via 0-10V remote analog signal or manual potentiometer. Available in standard narrow, wide, and line optics with options for all standard and some custom wavelengths. Product Details:
  • Easily connect lights together
  • Highest power LED lights in the vision industry
  • SafeStrobe Technology ensures protected operation of LED’s
  • Precise current provides stable light intensity
  • High speed fast response
  • NPN and PNP strobe control

Smart Vision Lights ODLB300 Technical Specifications

ODLB300 Specifications

Electrical Input 24 VDC +/- 5%
Input Current Peak 4.6 A during strobe
Input Power  Peak 110 W during strobe
PNP Trigger  14.4 mA @ Common (0VDC)
NPN Trigger  PNP > +4 VDC (24 VDC max.) to activate or NPN ≥ GND <1VDC to activate (not both)
Trigger Input  Min. 30 μs | Max. 125 ms
Strobe Duration  6 μs
Strobe Frequency  Max 4 kHz or 1 / Duty Cycle as calculated, whichever is less.*
Duty Cycle  Max. 10%*
Power Indicator  Turns green when powered up
Status Indicator  Strobe indicator will turn red while resting and turn off when ready
Intensity Limit  270° turn-pot. Turn clockwise to increase intensity limit.
Analog Intensity The output is adjustable from 10%-100% of intensity limit by a 1-10 VDC signal. Jumpring pin 5 to pin 1 will provide maximum intensity.
Connection 5-pin M12 connector 
Operating Temperature -10° to 40° C (14° to 104° F) | RH max 80% non-condensing humidity
Storage Temperature -20° to 70° C (-4° to 158° F) | RH max 80% non-condensing humidity
IP Rating IP50
Weight ~370 g
Compliances CE, IEC 62471, RoHS
Warranty 10 years**


ODLB300 Downloads 

ODLB300 Datasheet | Smart Vision Lights ODLB300 3D STEP Model | Smart Vision Lights
ODLB300 2D DXF Drawing | Smart Vision Lights ODLB300 PDF Dimension Drawing | Smart Vision Lights


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