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Machine Vision Cameras

Opto Engineering Machine Vision Cameras

Cameras play a major role in defining the stability and reliability of a vision system, as well as its overall performance, and it is no coincidence that design often starts with the camera itself. Opto Engineering® produces and selects high-quality cameras that perfectly match its renowned optics and illuminators to provide a complete bundle of machine vision components: with two decades of experience in the world of industrial automation, we can assist our customers in building a fast, reliable and cost-effective vision system.

Opto Engineering Telecentric Lenses

Telecentric lenses represent the core business for Opto Engineering®. These lenses benefit from two decades of Research & Development, resulting in a wide range of components with a diverse and ever-growing number of applications.

Below are major groupings of lenses. Select a broad group and filter for your needs. For a more specific starting points, scroll down for refined lens groupings. Detailed filters are available within each group.

Opto Engineering 360° Lenses

One of the most recurring needs in the machine vision industry is to be able to fully inspect an object with as few cameras as possible.
This request is becoming more and more common in a variety of markets, like the beverage, pharmaceutical and automotive industries.
Opto Engineering® designed a line of incredible 360° optics where one image is enough to view the top and side of an object or the inside of a cavity.
Most of these special optics are unique designs patented by Opto Engineering®, with exceptional build quality and unmatched optical performance.

Opto Engineering Infrared & UV Lenses

Illumination outside the visible spectrum is used in a wide variety of sectors including defense, security/surveillance, industrial, medical and R&D. Applications include tracking/targeting systems, predictive maintenance, monitoring of high temperature industrial processes, thermography, flame detection, quality control/inspection. Opto Engineering® offers a wide variety of high-resolution IR optics for both cooled and uncooled IR cameras spanning all IR spectral bands. Our IR optics feature a large field of view and low distortion and can be equipped with custom mount interfaces.

MWIR and LWIR thermal series also include HCAR coating for use in harsh environments. Our offer also includes C-mount lenses for up to 1” detectors, optimized to work with ultraviolet illumination (365 nm) for high-quality reflected UV imaging applications.

Opto Engineering Focus Tunable Telecentric Lenses

Telecentric lenses with adjustable focus.

Opto Engineering Large Format & Line Scan Telecentric Lenses

Lenses for use with large format sensors or line scan sensors.

Opto Engineering Multi-Magnification Telecentric Lenses

Lenses with multiple magnifications for maximum flexibility.

Opto Engineering Optical Benches

Pre-assembled optical bundles for precision measurements.

Opto Engineering 3D Telecentric Lenses

3D bi-telecentric lenses with Scheimpflug adjustment.

About Opto Engineering

Machine Vision Cameras & Lenses

Opto Engineering® is one of the world leaders in telecentric technology as well as the creator of many other optical products which have helped our customers solve machine vision applications once considered impossible. Over the years, our expertise has expanded to other technologies: today Opto Engineering® is also a primary supplier of advanced LED illuminators, cameras, imaging software, and other machine vision components. While we transform our know-how and ideas into added-value products and services for our customers, we stay true to our “Optics DNA”: our constant drive is to deliver increasingly more advanced OPTICAL IMAGING TECHNOLOGIES.

In a world where imaging technologies will increasingly be part of everyday life, we want to become the preferred partner for anyone working within the machine vision industry, in a corporate or academic role.

Our goal is to create over time a distinctive and sustainable service while developing, supplying, and supporting the most advanced products and technologies in the machine vision field.

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How long does it take for Opto Engineering items to ship?

Many of our cameras are stocked at our facility outside of Chicago, IL. For units not in stock, lead times are currently varying from 2-12 weeks. For the most accurate lead time, we recommend Contacting Us

Does Machine Vision Direct offer discounts?

Machine Vision Direct is proud to offer discounts for OEM's, Integrators, Educational Institutions, and volume purchases. For a discounted quote, please Contact Us

Does Machine Vision Direct accept purchase orders?

Yes, Machine Vision Direct accepts Purchase Orders (PO's), Purchase Order can be sent to Orders@MachineVisionDirect.com

Where do components ship from?

Opto Engineering products ship from Machine Vision Directs Headquarters just outside of Chicago, IL

What geography does Machine Vision Direct ship to?

Machine Vision Direct ships Worldwide. If outside the US, we encourage you to contact us in order to receive an accurate shipping quote. Note that some products may have international shipping restrictions

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Machine Vision Direct Accepts All Major Credit Cards as well as Net 30 Payment Terms. To Setup a Net 30 account, please contact Support@MachineVisionDirect.com

Where is Machine Vision Direct located?

Machine Vision Direct is centrally located in the Chicago Suburbs.