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Smart Vision Lights is a leading USA Based designer and manufacturer of high-brightness LED lights for industrial applications, including machine vision. Their LED lights come with built-in drivers, offering constant or strobed operation, reduced wiring requirements and easy installation. All models are tested in an IEC-62471 light safety compliance laboratory, guaranteeing conformity and compliance for customer needs. Known for their high-quality innovative solutions, SVL continues to be a leader in the Machine Vision Market. The company is committed to delivering the most effective lighting solutions with world-class products and service.

Smart Vision is an ISO 9001:2015 compliant manufacturer, making them a top supplier of Machine Vision Lights for use in OEM Inspection, Autonomous Guidance, Identification and Artificial Intelligence Imaging Applications. In collaboration with Machine Vision Direct, Smart Vision Lights can provide custom OEM solutions for projects where catalogued products do not satisfy customer needs. SVL Standard Products are built to order and have a lead time of 3 Days. Products ship factory direct from Norton Shores, Michigan, so order today or contact us for more information on the industry leading Smart Vision Lights.

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MidOpt Polarizing Filters can help reduce glare in images are specially designed for industrial imaging.
Backlight Fluoresheet can be used in conjuction with a BP590 filter to create a backlight effect with minimal thickness

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MidOpt Filter Kits are a staple in any vision lab. Always have the right filter on hand when you need it

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Adapter Rings allow Larger or Smaller Threaded Filters or Lights to adapt to an existing thread of a different diameter.

Why Choose Midwest Optical Systems (MidOpt)

MidOpt Filter Swatches

Optical Performance
MidOpt filters are specifically made for industrial imaging applications and are designed to offer high transmission, block unwanted light and improve overall image quality. MidOpt filters offer an anti-reflection coating that enhances peak transmission performance by more than 90 percent. In addition, most MidOpt Bandpass filter designs are created from precision-ground, double-side polished glass to produce exceptional parallelism and fractional wave-front error.

MidOpt Filter Swatches

StablEDGE® Technology
MidOpt StablEDGE® filters exhibit reduced angular dependency. Traditional bandpass filter designs are highly sensitive to the angle at which light strikes the filter and are far from optimal at wider or shallower angles of incidence. In contrast, peak transmission of MidOpt StablEDGE® filters is not significantly altered, and effects due to short shifting are minimized. This is important because of the ever-increasing demand to fit inspection applications into tighter spaces. The need to use shorter focal length (wide angle) lenses will continue to increase, and imaging at wider angles will continue to become a greater problem.

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Unmatched Durability
MidOpt filters are designed for durability and high performance in even the harshest environments. Unlike conventional filters which may delaminate or deteriorate in undesirable settings, MidOpt filters are hard, dense and environmentally stable. They can withstand repeated cleaning, solvents, high heat, humidity and vibration without degradation. The unmatched stability of MidOpt filters ensures long-term reliability and accuracy. MidOpt stands behind the quality and performance of every filter.

MidOpt Filter Swatches

Exceptional Quality
All MidOpt filters are closely inspected for exceptional surface quality and meet or exceed a 40/20 scratch-dig criteria. To ensure every filter upholds the highest standards, state-of-the-art Spectrophotometer technology is used to test filter performance. Each filter must pass strict guidelines for proper transmission, full-width half-max and out-of-band blocking.

MidOpt Filter Swatches

Product Availability
MidOpt offers same-day shipping and is home to over 2,000 in-stock mounted filters, ranging in size from M13.25 to M105. A variety of mounting solutions are also available, including options for applications without filter threads, custom mounting solutions and MidOpt’s exclusive 25.4® C-Mount filter that threads into all C and CS cameras.
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Midwest Optical Systems


Midwest Optical Systems, headquartered in Palatine, Illinois, has 30 years of experience and innovation in the fields of optical design, fabrication, and inspection. MidOpt is a worldwide leader in machine vision filters and optical solutions. They are represented in over 30 countries and offer over 3,000 cutting-edge products. MidOpt filters are the premier solution for industrial imaging to ensure flawless control, dependable results, and the very best image quality. Every filter is produced with the highest standards in durability, so they can withstand even the harshest environments. Unlike traditional filters, MidOpt filters are designed with a Gaussian transmission curve to allow maximum transmission, emulate the output of the most common LED wavelengths and are less angular dependent. Machine Vision Direct is an official MidOpt seller with easy ordering and fast shipping. Contact us today for any inquiries or questions.

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Most MidOpt Filters ship from Machine Vision Direct in 1 Business Day. (Orders will Ship from Chicago, IL)


Contact Support@MachineVisionDirect.com or call us at (331) 684-7466 with any inquiries you may have

How long does it take for MidOpt Filters to ship?

Many MidOpt Filters ship within 1 business day. For the most accurate lead time, we recommend Contacting Us

Does Machine Vision Direct offer discounts?

Machine Vision Direct is proud to offer discounts for OEM's, Integrators, Educational Institutions, and volume purchases. For a discounted quote, please Contact Us

Does Machine Vision Direct accept purchase orders?

Yes, Machine Vision Direct accepts Purchase Orders (PO's), Purchase Order can be sent to Orders@MachineVisionDirect.com

Where Do MidOpt Filters ship from?

MidOpt products ship factory direct from Midwest Optical Systems Headquarters in Palatine, IL

What Geography does Machine Vision Direct ship to?

Machine Vision Direct ships Worldwide. If outside the US, we encourage you to contact us in order to receive an accurate shipping quote.

Which forms of payment does Machine Vision Direct accept?

Machine Vision Direct Accepts All Major Credit Cards as well as Net 30 Payment Terms. To Setup a Net 30 account, please contact Support@MachineVisionDirect.com

Where is Machine Vision Direct located?

Machine Vision Direct is centrally located in the Chicago Suburbs.