Fujinon by Fujifilm Machine Vision and CCTV Lenses

Fujinon by Fujifilm Manufactures Machine Vision Lenses for use in all of the popular Camera Sensor Formats such as 1/2", 2/3", 1", 1.1", 4/3" and more

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Shop 1.5MP Fujinon Lenses

Purchase 1.5 megapixel Fujinon machine vision lens by Fujifilm at Machine Vision Direct. Shop from our selection of Fujinon lenses such as fuji lenses that are recommended to be used with smaller sensors, must be shock and vibration resistant, or that require a thicker glass block.

HF-HA-1S Lenses are recommended for use with 2/3" and smaller sensors.
HF-HA-1S lenses are the replacement of HF-HA-1B Lenses
CF-HA Lenses are recommended for 1" and smaller sensors.
TF lenses are recommended for 3CCD Standard Definition Cameras.

Shop 5MP Fujinon Lenses

Shop 5 megapixel Fujifilm lenses that are designed to achieve high resolution images from the Fujinon machine vision lens collection that supports imager formats up to and including 2/3''.

FUJINON HF-SA lenses are designed for up to 5 megapixel performance at a 3.45µm pixel pitch and is compatible with 2/3" and smaller sensors

Shop 12MP Fujinon Lenses

Shop 12 Megapixel Fujinon Machine Vision Lenses by Fujifilm at Machine Vision Direct.

The 12 megapixel HF-12M series Fujinon lenses are the world's smallest 12MP vision lenses for sale. These lenses are designed for anti shock and vibrations while still providing low-distortion images.
See Individual lens page for sensor size compatibility

Shop 23 MP Fujinon Lenses

Shop 23 Megapixel Fujinon Machine Vision Lenses by Fujifilm at Machine Vision Direct.

The 23 megapixel Fuji lenses support a high-resolution machine vision camera sensor to achieve crystal clear images. We carry the CF-ZA-1S Fujinon lenses that are designed for up to 23 Megapixels with a 2.1µm pixel pitch performance and are compatible with 1.1" and smaller sensors.

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Fujinon Machine Vision Lenses

The history of Fujifilm lens manufacturing started in 1940 when it succeeded in the manufacturing of 12 kinds of optical glasses. Manufacturing of high precision lenses requires expertise which Fujinon’s history has certainly proven. Fujifilm has accumulated advanced technologies over the course of the past almost 80 years and continues to provide numerous products that lead the industry by utilizing Fujinon’s lenses manufacturing, processing, and assembly technologies.

Fujinon has produced a total of over 1.1 Million Machine Vision Lenses while technologically evolving the entire time. Fujinon lenses are manufactured by bringing together Fuji lenses state-of-the-art technologies which are used at production and quality inspection sites all around the world. Fujinon continues to address customer needs with a variety of products that deliver consistent high resolution performance in a wide range of installation environments.

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How long does it take for Fujinon Lenses to ship?

Lenses generally ship within 1 business day. Machine Vision Direct stocks Fujinon HF-HA-1S Series Lenses for same day shipping. For the most accurate lead time, we recommend Contacting Us  

Where Do Fujifilm (Fujinon) products ship from?

Fujinon HF-HA-1S Lenses ship from the Machine Vision Direct Warehouse in Chicago, Illinois

All other lenses ship from Fujinon's warehouse in Wayne, NJ.

Does Machine Vision Direct accept purchase orders?

Yes, Machine Vision Direct accepts Purchase Orders (PO's), Purchase Order can be sent to Orders@MachineVisionDirect.com

Which forms of payment does Machine Vision Direct accept?

Machine Vision Direct Accepts All Major Credit Cards as well as Net 30 Payment Terms. To Setup a Net 30 account, please contact Support@MachineVisionDirect.com

How are Tax Exempt orders processed?

Tax Exemption documents can be emailed to Support@MachineVisionDirect.com. Once a tax exemption is received, it will be added to your account and orders will be exempt from tax accordingly

Where is Machine Vision Direct located?

Machine Vision Direct is centrally located in the Chicago Suburbs.

Does Machine Vision Direct offer discounts?

Machine Vision Direct is proud to offer discounts for OEM's, Integrators, Educational Institutions, and volume purchases. For a discounted quote, please Contact Us

What Geography does Machine Vision Direct ship to?

Machine Vision Direct ships Worldwide. If outside the US, we encourage you to contact us in order to receive an accurate shipping quote.