Smart Vision Lights BTM-1000 Smart Vision Link Bluetooth Programming Module

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When connected to a Smart Vision Lights light that is SmartVisionLink enabled such as the LZE300, the BTM-1000 allows for communication with that light over Bluetooth via an app on either an Apple or Android device. When a connection is made between a BTM-1000 and a light with SmartVisionLink enabled, the user is able to manage the intensity for each light or each zone in a multi-zone light using the app’s built-in intensity controller. This allows lights to be calibrated with others, making a homogeneous surface light pattern. The BTM-1000 has the ability to communicate with a light or series of lights up to 20 meters away, reducing the need for downtime of a production line. The BTM-1000 also improves workplace safety because workers do not need to be elevated to make adjustments.

Product Highlights

  • Simple to connect to any SmartVisionLinkTM enabled light up to 20 meters away
  • SmartVisionLink app works on both Apple and Android devices (available free in the app store)
  • Adjust intensity of light or individual zones within a light (not all SmartVisionLink™ enabled lights have individual zones)
  • Locate and adjust the intensity of a single light within a string of lights

Connecting a BTM-1000

The BTM-1000 can be connected directly to a light or attached to a jumper cable that is connected to a light. Once the light's intensities is set to desired level, the BTM-1000 can be removed from the light or cable. The pigtail end of the BTM-1000 is connected directly to the light or to the cable attached to the light.

Connecting a BTM-1000

Understanding Zones

A light that is SmartVisionLink-enabled is designed so the intensity can be adjusted using the SmartVisionLink app. For example, the LZE300 has 3 built-in zones, allowing for each zone intensity to be set independent of the other zones. Individual zones can also be turned off. Being able to adjust zones within a single light can help reduce hot spots and ensure even uniformity across a string of lights.

BTM-1000 Understanding Zones

Managing Multiple Lights

Using the SmartVisionLink app, a user is able to adjust intensity levels for a string of up to 6 lights. Each light or each zone in a multizone light are able to have its intensity adjusted independently of the other lights and zones. When direct connecting six LZE300 the user is able to manage 18 individual zone intensities.

LZE300 Multiple Light Configuration

BTM-1000 Downloads 

BTM-1000 Datasheet | Smart Vision Lights BTM-1000 3D STEP Model | Smart Vision Lights
BTM-1000 2D DXF Drawing | Smart Vision Lights BTM-1000 PDF Dimension Drawing | Smart Vision Lights


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