XR256 High Speed Strobe Cannon

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Smart Vision XR256 High Speed Strobe Cannon

    XR256 High Speed Strobe Cannon Overview
    The XR256 Series High-Speed Strobe Light is a high speed, high power, pulse-initiated or pulse following strobe with a maximum output of 5000 strobes per second and a pulsed energy rating of 2000 W. The XR256 offers eight manually controlled settings between a 20 μs to 1000 μs strobe pulse duration in pulse-initiated mode and features a preprogrammed 2% duty cycle. The XR256 Series also features SafeStrobeTM technology protects LEDs from overheating and premature degradation.

    Product Details

    • Built-in Driver - No External Wiring To A Driver Needed
    • Over-Current Protection
    • PNP and NPN Strobe Input
    • High Output LEDs
    • Capable of producing up to 5000 strobes per second
    • Pulse energy of up to 2000 W when LEDs are active
    • Built-in driverP
    • NP and NPN trigger signal input
    • SafeStrobe technology ensures protected operation of LEDs

    Smart Vision Lights XR256 Technical Specifications

    XR256 Continuous Operation Specifications

    Electrical Input 24 VDC +/- 5%
    Input Current Max current 20 A for max. 15 ms
    Wattage Up to 2000 W
    Duty Cycle Max 2%
    Strobe/Pulse Light will trigger on leading edge of pulse
    Strobe Rate Max. 5000 strobes per second (see SafeStrobeTM Technology for more information)
    Yellow Indicator LED Over temperature — Cool down mode active
    Green Indicator LED Power on
    Red Indicator LED LED strobe indicator
    Pulse-Initiated Strobe 8 Settings: 20 μS 1000 μs
    Time Delay ON 1 μS — Full ON
    Pulse Following Strobe Light will track strobe pulse – Max. strobe of 40 ms
    Connection 5-position screw terminal block (5-position terminal block plug included)
    Ambient Temperature 0°-40° C (32°-104° F)
    IP Rating IP50
    Weight ~1820g
    Compliances CE, RoHS, IEC 62471
    Warranty 10 year warranty. For complete warranty information, visit smartvisionlights.com/warranty.


    Using the XR256
    The XR256 high-speed strobe light is capable of producing up to 5000 strobes per second (SPS). The strobe can be either pulse-initiated or pulse following, adding versatility. Pin 2, NPN, is the sinking input in the pulse-following mode. Pin 4, PNP, is the sourcing input in the pulse-following mode. To pulse the LEDs, the XR Series of LED lights uses stored electrical energy. When LEDs are active, the XR256 has a pulse energy of 2000 watts. The XR256 light has a pulsed LED die current of 180 amps. The XR256 light has 288 mm² (144 of 2 mm² high-power die) of LED die running at up to 2000 W. For comparison, a standard LED light for machine vision has on average 6–12 mm² of LED die running a 6–12 Watts. The XR Series features an LED die temperature monitor that will temporarily shut down the light if the LEDs exceed the maximum running temperature of 80°C. The LED die will gain heat based on the LED duration and SPS. A high duty cycle or long durations with high SPS will cause the heat to rise in the die.

    Common Uses

    The XR256 Strobe Cannon is a popular choice for those who require the ability to log an image of objects moving in high speeds. The massive light output of the light make it a staple in the imaging of license plates on moving vehicles (such as at toll booths) and in athletics for tracking of objects such as golf balls at launch and baseballs upon impact/launch from the batters box.

    Recommended illumination usage: Dark Field, Radial

    Wavelength Colors

    XR256 Strobe Cannon Wavelength Colors


    According to IEC 62471: 2006

    Applicable for wavelengths: 625, 850, and 940:

    Exempt Group: No photobiological hazard to eyes or skin even for continuous, unrestricted use. 

    Applicable for wavelengths: 470, 530, and WHI:

    Risk Group 1: Possibly hazardous optical radiation emitted from this product. Do not stare at operating lamp. May be harmful to eyes. Safe for most applications except prolonged exposure. 


    Strobe Duration Dial 

     XR256 Strobe Cannon Dial Each number on the dial represents a strobe light pulse rate in microseconds (μs). When setting the dial to 250, for example, the light will pulse for 250 μs. The light will pulse for this length of time once it receives a PNP rising edge signal (the sourcing signal between 4 VDC and 24 VDC). Setting the dial hand to "Auto" will automatically pulse the light for a set length of time. To set the length of time, turn the light on, point the dial hand to the desired length of time. Keep the dial hand on the desired time for three seconds and then position the dial hand on "Auto". The light will be set to the length of time selected. When the light is set to Auto, no PNP signal (sourcing signal) is used. The light will pulse for the desired length of time and then enter into a rest period set using a 2% duty cycle. The light will repeat these two steps for as long as the light is on. For example, if light has been set to Auto at a rate of 20 µs, the light will pulse for 20 µs, rest for 98 µs, then repeat the active and rest periods.

    XR256 Downloads 

    XR256 Datasheet | Smart Vision Lights XR256 3D STEP Model | Smart Vision Lights
    XR256 2D DXF Drawing | Smart Vision Lights XR256 PDF Dimension Drawing | Smart Vision Lights


    Possible Product Configurations:





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