New From Smart Vision Lights: LTF300 Linear Tunable Field Light

Smart Vision Lights' new LTF300 Linear Tunable Field Bar Light is now available at!

The LTF offers 3 different rows of LED's, Each Individually Dimmable for a total of 3 zones when controlled with a BTM-1000 module from Smart Vision Lights

Each Row of LED's can be outfitted with a different Lens Option, allowing for a dynamic use case which can be useful in Logistics Applications

The LTF is offered in 4 different standard Lengths

LTF300 (300mm Length)

LTF600 (600mm Length) (Contact MVD for a Quote)

LTF900 (900mm Length) (Contact MVD for a Quote)

LTF1200 (1200mm Length) (Contact MVD for a Quote)

Lens Configurations

Lens Option Beam Angle




SVL LTF 153 Lens Configuration



SVL LTF 111 Lens Configuration



SVL LTF 131 Lens Configuration


SVL LTF 313 Lens Configuration


SVL LTF 333 Lens Configuration


SVL LTF 353 Lens Configuration

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