Tamron MA23F08V C-Mount 8mm 2/3" F/2.4 Mega-Pixel Machine Vision Lens

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Tamron MA23F08V Machine Vision Lens
The new MA23F lens series is made for 2/3” image sensors with up to 8 Megapixel resolution and a 2.74µm pixel pitch. It comes in focal lengths of 8, 25 and 35mm. Compared to the previous generation of 2/3” lenses, this new series offers improvements in terms of resolution, distortion and size. Its rugged mechanical design and the compact size with a body diameter of only 29mm are further additional features, which make this lens series the perfect choice for various, sophisticated applications.

Product specification

Attribute Value
Name MA23F08V
Sensor size 2/3"
Mount C
Min. pixel pitch 2.74?m
Focal length 8mm
Apperture range 2.4 to 16
MOD 0.1m - ?
Focus Manual with lock
Iris Manual with lock
Weight 84g
Spectral range Visible Light
Optical overall length 48.5mm
Maximum diameter 36mm
Operating temperature -20°C to +60°C
Filter thread M34 P=0.5

MA23F08V Mega-PixelMachine Vision Lens Downloads 

MA23F08V Tamron Datasheet Download
MA23F08V Tamron Product Catalog Download

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