Structured Light Patterns for SXP30, ODSXP30 and SXP80 Lights

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Pattern: Single Line (Standard)
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SXP Series Structured Lights Overview

Smart Vision Lights is pleased to release a new series of LED structured light projectors. LED projector uses patterns and optics to provide a focused structured light. SXP pattern projectors integrate precisely etched masks. Any kind of pattern shape can be easily supplied, integrated and projected. The size of the projection area can be easily modified by interchanging the projection optics. Projectors integrate standard C-mount 2/3" lenses. Telecentric lenses can also be used for telecentric pattern projection.

The 9mm² die size emits 9x the intensity as a standard high output LED. Multiple interchangeable pattern styles are available along with optional custom patterns.

A Variety of Standard Patterns are available. Custom Patterns can be made, with a minimum order of 10 patterns. Contact with custom inquiries


Any light pattern can be projected.
Standard patterns are available and custom patterns can be etched.

Standard and Sample Patterns

Possible Product Configurations:

SP-PO-1LN Standard Pattern Etching - SINGLE LINE (STANDARD)
SP-PO-1LN-.05 Standard Pattern Etching - SINGLE LINE (THIN)
SP-PO-8LN Standard Pattern Etching - 8 LINE
SP-PO-HS Standard Pattern Etching - HALF SPHERE
SP-PO-FS Standard Pattern Etching - FULL SPHERE
SP-PO-8X8GRID Standard Pattern Etching - 8X8 GRID
SP-PO-CH Standard Pattern Etching - CROSS HAIR
SP-PO-RA Standard Pattern Etching – RIGHT ANGLE LINE
SP-PO-CB50 Standard Pattern Etching - 50x50 Pixel Chess Board Pattern
SP-PO-CB100 Standard Pattern Etching - 100x100 Pixel Chess Board Pattern
SP-PATTN-KIT Standard Pattern Kit - Single Line(standard), 8 Line, Half Sphere, Full Sphere, 8x8 Grid, Cross Hair

Please Reference the following chart to determine the approximate mounting distance and correct lens reqruied to generate the needed pattern

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