SL223S MicroBrite Spot/Coaxial Light

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Color: UV (365nm)
Driver: ICS 3S (I3S)
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MicroBrite Spot/Coaxial Lights - SL Series

SL223S Specifications:

Brand Advanced Illumination
Series SL223
Wavelength VARIES
Driver I3S
Ingress Protection IP65
Mount Standard
Weight 129g
Can Be Strobed Yes
Can Be Overdrive Strobed Yes
Can Be Constantly On Yes
Can Be Dimmed Dimmable
Connection 2M Flying Lead

Full Description

The SL223 is characterized as a MicroBrite„¢ Spot/Coaxial Light and is designed primarily to replace fiber optic light sources in coaxial lensing applications.

Optional couplers are available for use with Dolan-Jenner, Fostec, and Moritex fiber bundles.

The SL223 is also designed for general lighting purposes where a very intense, miniaturized light source is required. General purpose spot lights may be used to create both dark field and bright field affects, depending on how they are deployed during the inspection.

The spot light is designed to provide 8.1kLux at a working distance of 4� (100mm) and is available in a very wide range of wavelengths from UV to IR.

The SL223 is rated for IP65 washdown capability.

General Specs

Electrical Specifications 0.70 A Max
Normal Operating Temperature

0 - 60°C

Weight 13.6g (0.48oz)
Standard Cable Information 2 m long -0/+150 mm (80" -0/+6") - 105°C rated PVC jacket, foil shield with drain.
Photobiological Risk Factor Exempt Applicable Wavelengths: 850, 940
Group 1 (Low-Risk) Applicable Wavelengths: 455, 470, 505, 530, 590, 625, 660, 730, WHI
Group 2 (Moderate-Risk) Applicable Wavelengths: 365, 375, 385, 395, 405
Compliance CE, RoHS, IEC 62471
IP Rating IP65
Lumen Maintenance L70 = 50,000 Hours


Available Wavelengths

Advanced Illumination White Lights
Advanced Illumination 365nm Ultra-Violet (UV) Light
365nm Ultra-Violet (UV)
Advanced Illumination 375nm Ultra-Violet (UV) Light
375nm Ultra-Violet (UV)
Advanced Illumination 385nm Ultra-Violet (UV) Light
385nm Ultra-Violet (UV)
Advanced Illumination 395nm Ultra-Violet (UV) Light
395nm Ultra-Violet (UV)
455nm Royal Blue
Advanced Illumination 470nm Blue Light
470nm Blue
Advanced Illumination 505nm Cyan Light
505nm Cyan
Advanced Illumination 530nm Green Light
530nm Green
Advanced Illumination 590nm Amber Light
590nm Amber
Advanced Illumination 625nm Red Orange Light
625nm Red Orange
Advanced Illumination 660nm Red Light
660nm Red
Advanced Illumination 730nm Infra-Red (IR) Light
730nm Infra-Red (IR)
Advanced Illumination 850nm Infra-Red (IR) Light
850nm Infra-Red (IR)
Advanced Illumination 940nm Infra-Red (IR) Light
940nm Infra-Red (IR)

Additional Wavelengths are available upon request by contacting Machine Vision Direct.

Mechanical Specs

 SL223 MicroBrite Spot/Coaxial Light Mechanical Specs | Advanced IlluminationSL223 MicroBrite Spot/Coaxial Light Mechanical Specs | Advanced Illumination

 Optical Specs

SL223 MicroBrite Spot/Coaxial Light Optical Specs | Advanced IlluminationSL223 MicroBrite Spot/Coaxial Light Optical Specs | Advanced Illumination

Electrical Specs

 SL223 MicroBrite Spot/Coaxial Light Electrical Specs | Advanced Illumination

Control Specs

 SL223 MicroBrite Spot/Coaxial Light Control Specs | Advanced Illumination

Part No Key

 SL223 MicroBrite Spot/Coaxial Light Part No Key | Advanced Illumination

Advanced Illumination SL223S Downloads:

Advanced Illumination SL223S Datasheet | Machine Vision Direct
Advanced Illumination SL223S CAD PDF | Machine Vision Direct
Advanced Illumination SL223S CAD DXF | Machine Vision Direct
Advanced Illumination SL223S CAD STEP MODEL | Machine Vision Direct

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