MidOpt TB550/660/850 Green & Red Triple Bandpass Near-IR

Midwest Optical SystemsSKU: TB550/660/850-13.25

Filter Mounting Thread: 13.25mm


MidOpt TB550/660/850 Triple Bandpass Green+Red+850nm NIR

MidOpt triple bandpass filters are primarily designed for aerial agriculture mapping and surveying purposes. Green-Red-Near IR data is used for applications where Chlorophyll Vegetation Index (CVI) and other vegetative index monitoring is preferred. TB550/660/850 filters, when mounted in converted consumer cameras, can help in achieving a more affordable, lightweight alternative to systems using three or more cameras or sensors. Some of the formulas that are employed in these cases include: Chlorophyll Vegetation Index
CVI = (NIR * Red) / (Green ^ 2)
Normalized Green
NG = Green / (NIR + Red + Green)
Normalized Near Infrared
NNIR = NIR / (NIR + Red + Green)
Normalised Red
NR = Red / (NIR + Red + Green)
Triangular Vegetation Index
TVI =0.5 * (120 * (NIR – Green) – 200 * (Red – Green))

MidOpt TB550/660/850 Triple Bandpass Green+Red+850nm NIR Technical Characteristics

Useful Range: 543-558nm, 653-668nm, 835-865nm
FWHM: 20nm, 20nm, 45nm
Tolerance: +/-10nm
Peak Transmission ?85%
Surface Quality 40/20

*Filters 62mm and greater have a surface quality tolerance of 60/40.

MidOpt TB550/660/850 Triple Bandpass Green+Red+850nm NIR Transmission Chart

MidOpt TB550/660/850 Interference Bandpass Filter Transmission

MidOpt TB550/660/850 Triple Bandpass Green+Red+850nm NIR Transmission Data 

MidOpt TB550/660/850 Interference Bandpass Filter Datasheet

MidOpt TB550/660/850 Part Numbers:

MidOpt TB550/660/850-25.4
MidOpt TB550/660/850-13.25
MidOpt TB550/660/850-22.5
MidOpt TB550/660/850-27
MidOpt TB550/660/850-30.5
MidOpt TB550/660/850-34
MidOpt TB550/660/850-35.5
MidOpt TB550/660/850-37
MidOpt TB550/660/850-37.5
MidOpt TB550/660/850-39
MidOpt TB550/660/850-40.5
MidOpt TB550/660/850-43
MidOpt TB550/660/850-46
MidOpt TB550/660/850-48
MidOpt TB550/660/850-49
MidOpt TB550/660/850-52
MidOpt TB550/660/850-55
MidOpt TB550/660/850-58
MidOpt TB550/660/850-62
MidOpt TB550/660/850-67
MidOpt TB550/660/850-72
MidOpt TB550/660/850-77
MidOpt TB550/660/850-82
MidOpt TB550/660/850-86
MidOpt TB550/660/850-95
MidOpt TB550/660/850-105 

MidOpt Filter Mounting Options

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