SK100 Machine Vision Filter Kit

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The Ultimate Resource for Testing & Evaluating Image Quality

The SK100 includes 70 filters for UV, VIS and NIR imaging; making it the ultimate resource for testing and evaluating image quality.

Filter categories included in the SK100: Bandpass; Dual Bandpass; Longpass; Neutral Density; Shortpass; Polarizing; Light Balancing; Protective and Acrylic

This MidOpt Filter Kit allows you to:

  • Test before investing in hardware
  • Control the variability of ambient light
  • Evaluate glare reduction
  • Solve applications quickly

Kit Includes:

  • 27mm threaded mount filters
  • Step adapters to fit most M25.5 and M30.5 lenses
  • Polarizing Film for light source
  • Educational material on optical filters and technical specs for each filter
  • Sturdy case for protective storage

    Kit Includes:


    BP Series — Broad Bandwidth

    BP324 Near-UV Bandpass (290-365nm) 
    BP365 Near-UV Bandpass (335-400nm)
    BP470 Blue Bandpass (425-495nm)
    BP505 Cyan Bandpass (485-550nm)
    BP525 Light Green Bandpass (500-555nm)
    BP550 Near-IR/UV Block-Visible Bandpass (410-690nm)
    BP590 Orange Bandpass (560-600nm)
    BP635 Light Red Bandpass (615-645nm)
    BP660 Dark Red Bandpass (640-680nm)
    BP695 Near-IR Bandpass (680-720nm)
    BP735 Near-IR Bandpass (715-780nm)
    BP800 Near-IR Bandpass (745-950nm)
    BP850 Near-IR Bandpass (820-910nm)
    BP880 Near-IR Bandpass (845-930nm)

    BN Series — Narrow Bandwidth

    BN470 Narrow Blue Bandpass (460-490nm)
    BN532 Narrow Green Bandpass (525-550nm)
    BN595 Narrow Orange Bandpass (580-610nm)
    BN630 Narrow Light Red Bandpass (625-645nm)
    BN660 Narrow Dark Red Bandpass (645-675nm)
    BN740 Narrow Near-IR Bandpass (730-755nm)
    BN785 Narrow Near-IR Bandpass (770-790nm)
    BN810 Narrow Near-IR Bandpass (798-820nm)
    BN850 Narrow Near-IR Bandpass (840-865nm)
    BN880 Narrow Near-IR Bandpass (855-890nm)
    BN940 Narrow Near-IR Bandpass (928-955nm)

    Bi Series — Narrow Interference Bandwidth

    Bi632 Light Red Interference Bandpass (625-640nm)
    Bi660 Dark Red Interference Bandpass (650-665nm)


    DB Series — Dual Bandwidth

    DB735 Dual Bandpass Visible + 735nm NIR
    DB850 Dual Bandpass Visible + 850nm NIR
    DB940 Dual Bandpass Visible + 940nm NIR


    LP Series — Longpass

    LP330 Protective Window
    LP340 A/R Protective Window
    LP415 UV Block A/R Protective Window
    LP550 Orange Longpass
    LP590 Red Longpass
    LP695 Near-IR Longpass
    LP715 Near-IR Longpass
    LP780 Near-IR Longpass
    LP830 Near-IR Longpass
    LP850 Near-IR Longpass
    LP920 Near-IR Longpass
    LP1000 Near-IR Longpass


    ND Series — VIS

    ND030 Absorptive 50% Transmission
    ND060 Absorptive 25% Transmission
    ND090 Absorptive 12.5% Transmission
    ND120 Absorptive 6.25% Transmission
    ND200 Absorptive 1.0% Transmission
    ND300 Absorptive 0.1% Transmission
    ND400 Absorptive 0.01% Transmission


    SP Series — VIS PASS

    SP510 Blue Shortpass
    SP585 Cyan Shortpass
    NF550 Magenta Dichroic (Green Block)
    SP Series — Near-IR Block SP625 Blue-Orange Shortpass
    SP645 Near-IR/Mid-Red Dichroic Block
    SP675 Near-IR/Deep Red Dichroic Block
    SP701 Extended Hot Mirror / Reflects up to 1550nm
    SP705 Near-IR/Deep Red Absorp. Block
    SP730 Near-IR/Colorless Dichroic Block
    SP785 Modified Near-IR Dichroic Block
    PROTECTIVE FILTERS AC Series — Acrylic Longpass
    AC380 A/R Acrylic Protective Window
    AC685 Acrylic Near-IR Longpass

    AC760 Acrylic Near-IR Longpass


    LA080 Light Balancing (Minus Blue)
    LA120 Light Balancing (Minus Blue)
    LB080 Light Balancing (Minus Red)
    LB120 Light Balancing (Minus Red)
    FL550 Light Balancing (Minus Green)


    PR032 Linear Polarizer
    PC052 Circular Polarizer
    PS030 Ultra High Contrast Linear Polarizer Film


    SU25.5-27 Step-Up Ring
    SD30.5-27 Step-Down Ring

    SK100 Downloads 

    ODR130-16 Datasheet | Smart Vision Lights 

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