M49 Close-Up Lens CU700-49



MidOpt Close Up Lens

CU700-49 Close Up Lens

Close-Up Lenses are a cost-effective way to increase focus distance

  • Threads onto the front of a lens
  • Allows you to get closer than with a lens alone
  • Available from stock, mounted in threaded, black anodizes aluminum rings
  • Available in sizes from M25.5-M62
  • Each set consists of +1, +2, and +4 Close Up Lenses that can be threaded together for increased power
  • Part #s are made up of the part # prefix, CU700 and adding the size in mm – see below for standard sizes available.

Available Sizes

    Thread Size Part Number
    M25.5 CU700-25.5
    M27 CU700-27
    M30.5 CU700-30.5
    M34 CU700-34
    M35.5 CU700-35.5
    M37 CU700-37
    M37.5 CU700-37.5
    M40.5 CU700-40.5
    M43 CU700-43
    M46 CU700-46
    M49 CU700-49
    M52 CU700-52
    M55 CU700-55
    M58 CU700-58
    M62 CU700-62

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