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Smart Vision Lights is a leading USA Based designer and manufacturer of high-brightness LED lights for industrial applications, including machine vision. Their LED lights come with built-in drivers, offering constant or strobed operation, reduced wiring requirements and easy installation. All models are tested in an IEC-62471 light safety compliance laboratory, guaranteeing conformity and compliance for customer needs. Known for their high-quality innovative solutions, SVL continues to be a leader in the Machine Vision Market. The company is committed to delivering the most effective lighting solutions with world-class products and service.

Smart Vision is an ISO 9001:2015 compliant manufacturer, making them a top supplier of Machine Vision Lights for use in OEM Inspection, Autonomous Guidance, Identification and Artificial Intelligence Imaging Applications. In collaboration with Machine Vision Direct, Smart Vision Lights can provide custom OEM solutions for projects where catalogued products do not satisfy customer needs. SVL Standard Products are built to order and have a lead time of 3 Days. Products ship factory direct from Norton Shores, Michigan, so order today or contact us for more information on the industry leading Smart Vision Lights.

Linear Bar Lights 101
Bar Lights, also known as Linear Array Lights, offer both bright field and dark field illumination, depending on angle of incidence with respect to the object of interest. Because of the variety of lengths available, bar lights are useful for large area illumination when used in opposing pairs or in a picture frame mounting orientation. Linear Array Lights can also be used in replacement of Spot or Ring Lights when greater intensity is required.

Machine Vision Direct's Top Picks for Bar Lights

Machine Vision Direct recommends the following lights. These have been chosen due to their versatility, economical price points, integrated drivers, and short lead times.
For assistance selecting a Bar Light, contact Machine Vision Direct at +1 (331) 684-7466 or Email Support

Linear Bar Lights

Commonly used for the following lighting techniques
Direct Lighting Technique
The Direct Lighting Technique is a method of directly illuminating an object and is the most frequently used lighting method. It is mainly used for detecting edges such as scratches and cracks on uneven surfaces of objects that are not mirror surfaces. Since it is applied directly to the target object, it is used when brightness is required. Lighting for Direct Lighting is available in various shapes and sizes depending on the shape of the workpiece, such as ring lights, horizontal light, bar light, surface light and line light.
Bright Field Lighting
Bright field lighting is the more commonly applied lighting geometry, which involves mounting and orienting lights between 90 and 45 degrees from the imaging surface (off horizontal)
Dark Field Lighting
The Dark Field Lighting Technique involves orienting lights between 0 and 45 degrees off horizontal, which is particularly effective when imaging highly reflective surfaces or generating edge effects such as detecting scratches, and cracks. Dark Field Lighting is commonly achieved with Bar Lights and Low Angle Ring Lights