Smart Vision Lights Launches new LCHPX Line Scan Light

Smart Vision Lights has a launched a new family of Passively Cooled Line Scan Lights, the LCHPX Series.

The original generation of Line Scan Lights from Smart Vision Lights was the LHP lights, which was an acronym for "Line High Power". This light required Liquid Cooling for LED Life Maintenance as many Line Scan Lights did at the time. 

Following the LHP, Smart Vision Lights introduced the LCHP series which was the Low Cost High Power Series of Line Scan Lights. The LCHP became one of the industries earliest High Power Line Scan Lights that was passively cooled without the need for an external chilling system. The LCHP was available in 2 standard sizes, the LCHP300 and the LCHP600

With the addition of numerous lens options and an improved design, the LCHPX will become the successor to the LHP and LCHP series lights. 

The LCHPX is available in four lengths
LCHPX900 (Contact Us for Quote)
LCHPX1200 (Contact Us for Quote)

In addition, the standard colors for the LCHPX are the following


Additional colors can be produced as semi-custom units if needed

There are four variations of Lens Position that produce different illumination patterns and intensities

 Lens Position Working Distance Beam Width Illuminance
1 35 mm 2.5 mm 805,000 Lux
2* 50 mm 3.0 mm 644,000 Lux
3 100 mm 4.5 mm 290,000 Lux
4 100 mm 8.0 mm 274,000 Lux
 Illumination measurement taken on white light, 5700 K
* Lens Position 2 is Default Lens Position


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