Dark Field Ring Lights are now in Stock

Machine Vision Direct is now Stocking Smart Vision Lights most popular Dark Field Ring Light, the RM Series!

The RM Series is available in two different sizes

RM75: 75mm Outer Diameter (OD) and 52mm Inner Diameter (ID)

RM140: 138mm Outer Diameter (OD) and 102mm Inner Diameter (ID)

Both lights have a recommended working distance of 50mm-200mm and are powered off of 24VDC

The RM Series features Smart Vision Lights' patented Multi-Drive Technology. Multi-Drive Technology allows the lights to be operated at standard brightness in Constant On Operation, but also allow the lights to be operated in OverDrive Strobe Operation. OverDrive Strobe Operation is limited by a 10% Duty Cycle, but actively overcurrents the LED's to provide up to 4-10x the brightness of Constant On Operation.

The following Models are in Stock from our Rocket Stock Catalog

RM75-WHI - RM75 Light in White

RM75-625 - RM75 Light in Red

RM140-WHI - RM140 Light in White

RM140-625 - RM140 Light in Red

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