MidOpt FK200 Filter Kit is Now Available at MVD

Machine Vision Direct is proud to partner with Midwest Optical Systems to offer the MidOpt FK200 Filter Kit!


MidOpt FK200 Filter Kit
The FK200 kit includes many filters in 27mm thread, along with a guide booklet polarizing film, a polarizing filter, and step up as well as step down rings that will allow the kit to be used with lenses with both 25.5mm and 30.5mm filter threads in addition to lenses with 27mm filter threads.

The MidOpt FK200 Filter Kit has been a staple in Machine Vision Labs for many years and includes the following filters:

BP324-27 Near UV Bandpass
BP470-27 Blue Bandpass
BP505-27 Cyan Bandpass
BP525-27 Light Green Bandpass
BP550-27 NIR/UV Block-Visible Bandpass
BP590-27 Orange Bandpass
BP635-27 Light Red Bandpass
BP660-27 Dark Red Bandpass
BP850-27 NIR Bandpass
PR032-27 Linear Polarizer
PS007 Polarizer Film 125mm x 95mm
SU25.5-27 Step-Up Adapter
SD30.5-27 Step-Down Adapter

For Pricing and Additional Information, please visit the product page:

*In order to determine which filter thread you require, please check your lens datasheet. If you cannot determine your filter size, feel free to contact our support engineers at Support@MachineVisionDirect.com.

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