Smart Vision Lights RMX140-RGBW RGBW Mini Ring Light

RMX140-RGBW Mini Ring Lights

RMX140-RGBW can be sold as just the Light (RMX140-RGBW) or a Kit (RMX140-RGBW-KIT) which Includes the RMX140-RGBW Light, a cable, and 4WMD Driver

Product Details

  • Kit includes the RMX140-RGBW AND 4WMD-250 for tuning individual wavelengths
  • PNP and NPN high speed trigger signal input
  • 5-pin M12 quick connect (reverse key)
  • Over-Current Protection
  • Continuous Operation or Strobe Mode
  • Silicone lens

Smart Vision Lights most compact ring lights are the RM75/RMX75 and RM140/RMX140 mini LED ring lights. These mini LED ring lights features our built-in Multi-Drive™ controller allowing users to operate the mini ring light continuously or in OverDrive™ Strobe mode. Our mini LED ring lights are extremely bright and available in multiple wavelengths to meet your application needs. All mini LED ring lights feature a standard 5-pin M12 connector makes wiring simple. The 1–10 V analog control line gives the user total control over intensity. The built-in Multi-Driver™ also protects the LEDs from premature degradation and failure caused by excessive heat by regulating the current delivered to the LEDs and limiting the duty cycle of the light.


The compact and powerful RMX140-RGBW Mini Ring Light is a small to mid-range working distance ring light. The RMX140-RGBW series features an aluminum housing and is IP50 rated. Each wavelength can be tuned individual of the other wavelengths, allowing for the light to output just about any color imaginable. The RMX140-RGBW (KIT) includes a RMX140 Ring Light and a 4WMD-100 external driver.


The 4WMD permits up to four independent channels to be tuned individually. The 4WWD has independent tuning controls and built-in MultiDrive™, allowing for the intensity range to be set from 10%–100% for continuous operations or OverDrive™ strobe mode. In addition, when in continuous operation mode, the intensity can be adjusted using the analog signal line. Disabling a channel will turn off the wavelength tied to that channel. Each output channel has its own tuning control located on the front of the driver 



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