Fujinon HF16HA-1S Lens

The Fujinon 1.5MP 16mm C Mount Lens with Anti-Shock & Anti-Vibration Technology is designed to provide low distortion, high-quality image capture in machine vision applications. The compact lens covers 2/3" sensors and features a fast f/1.4 aperture that ensures clear images in low light environments. Focus and iris adjustment are manual, and individual focus/iris lock tabs are provided to maintain set positions over time. Built-in anti-shock and anti-vibration technology highly reduces the need for these tabs because their primary purpose was to protect against changes caused by vibration. The anti-shock and anti-vibration technology helps keep both the mechanical and optical elements of the lens in their original positions to maintain consistent image quality in harsh environments that produce a lot of vibration. The new feature also helps protect the lens from damage caused by accidental falls. The lens is complete with a robust build, metal mount, and smooth focus and iris ring rotation. 



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