RZL225 Zoned Ring Light from Smart Vision Lights is now Available!

The long awaited RZL225 from Smart Vision Lights is now available at Machine Vision Direct!

The RZL Features an Aluminum housing, Mechanically adjustable LED panels, 4 independent lighting zones, and a 146.64mm x 53.64mm Clear Aperture for Cameras to look through. These features make the RZL225 an ideal choice for logistics and inspection angles where a ring light is desired to look at items on a conveyor, potentially replacing multiple bar lights in the process. The integrated NanoDrive™ LED current driver provides user-selectable continuous and OverDrive™ lighting modes.


The RZL is a Four Zoned Ring Light with independently dimmable channels. In addition to each channel having the ability to be dimmed, the mechanical pitch of each channel can also be adjusted through the angle adjustment screws on the back of the light.

RZL225 Pitch Adjustment

Each channel can be programmed via the SmartVisionLink feature through the use of the BTM-1000 bluetooth module

Smart Vision Link

With integrated SmartVisionLink™, the RZL225 can be used with Smart Vision Light’s Bluetooth module (BTM-1000*). Users can install the SmartVisionLink™ app on Android or Apple phones and tablets to configure lighting parameters for each of the four lighting zones. Zone parameters include 10-100% intensity for both continuous and OverDrive™ strobe modes, as well as zone-disable. After parameters are set and saved, the BTM-1000 can be removed from the RZL225 and settings will be retained in RZL225’s static memory. The SmartVisionlink™ app is available at no cost from the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. Smart Vision Link

*The BTM-1000 is sold separately.

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