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Since the 1980s, MidOpt have designed and manufactured high-quality optical filters for industrial imaging. From our humble beginnings with a single, red machine vision filter, MidOpt quickly expanded to North America, headquartered in Palatine, Illinois, and are proud to call ourselves THE WORLD LEADER in machine vision filters and optical solutions. MidOpt is currently used in well over 30 countries and offers over 3,000 cutting-edge products.

If you have specific questions about how MidOpt® filters can enhance your vision system, our experienced team can help. Call Machine Vision Direct at +1-331-684-7466 or email support@machinevisiondirect.com.

MidOpt® filters are the premier solution for industrial imaging to ensure flawless control, dependable results, and the very best image quality for monochrome and color vision systems.

MidOpt Contrast Resolution and Repeatability

MidOpt Filters can be found in the following industries:

 Factory Automation Motion Analysis
Security & Surveillance Medical / Life Science
License Plate Registration Scientific Research
Intelligent Transportation Systems Photography/Cinematography
Aerial Imaging 3D Metrology


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