MOBL-300x300 Maximum Output Backlight (12" x 12")

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MOBL series HIGH OUTPUT: High Power Backlights for the machine vision industry The Maximum Operating Backlight (MOBL) Series of backlights have the highest light output of any backlight series in the Smart Vision Lights line up. The MOBL Series offers a built in driver with PNP or NPN strobe options for overdrive applications. Larger 45mm extrusion allows for greater heat dissipation due to the additional intensity The MOBL series of LED Backlights provide high output diffuse light. Lights are specifically engineered for high speed packaging and bottling lines. The MOBL is an area lit light using large die high power LED's. Frame is 45mm industrial aluminum profile. Aluminum housing is engineered to maximize heat dissipation of LED's. Standard T-slot channel is used on light for ease of mounting.

Product Details

  • Built in SMART Driver
  • 24VDC
  • NPN and PNP Strobe
  • Blue 470nm, 505nm Cyan, 530 nm Green, Red 625nm, IR 850nm and White
  • Analog intensity 0-10VDC signal

Smart Vision Lights MOBL Technical Specifications

MOBL Specifications

Electrical Input 24V DC +/–5%
On/Off Input PNP: +4V DC or greater to activate | NPN: GND (<1V DC) to activate
PNP Line 4 mA @ 4V DC | 10 mA @ 12V DC | 20 mA @ 24V DC
NPN Line 15 mA @ ground (0V DC)
Continuous Mode NPN can be tied to ground OR PNP can be tied to 24 V DC (not both)
Analog Intensity The output is adjustable from 10–100% of brightness by a 1–10V DC signal.
(Jumpering pin 5 to pin 1 will provide maximum intensity)
Connection 5-pin M12 connector
Ambient Temperature -18º–40º C (0º–104º F)
IP Rating IP50
Compliances CE, RoHS, IEC 62471.
Input Current  4.4 A
Input Power 106 W


MOBL Backlights are Area Lit. Each SOBL has LEDs placed to dispense an even light flow throughout the lighted surface area



Smart Vision Lights recommends using drop-in T-nuts for mounting a MOBL Backlight. The MOBL extrusion has a Bosch size 10 T-nut channel. It is recommended to use drop in style T-Nuts.

SVL can customize an MOBL to the size you need - When requesting a custom MOBL, include the following: size (length x width) in millimeters, what side the 5-pin M12 connector should be placed on, and desired wavelength (color).

Patterned Area Lighting™ (PAL) is designed to help simplify inspecting specular surface inspection by combining 2D and 3D qualitative methods into one image. PAL lighting features patterns printed directly on the lens, allowing users to quickly and easily detect defects that are nearly impossible to discover otherwise. PAL lighting is best used for phase measuring deflectometry applications, such as looking for chips, dents, scratches, scruffs, and even peeling paint. PAL patterns can be printed on the Diffuse Ring Light Panels. If you would like Pattern Area Lighting, please contact and our staff will help with your customization request.

MOBL-300x300 Downloads 

MOBL-300x300 Datasheet | Smart Vision Lights MOBL-300x300 3D STEP Model | Smart Vision Lights
MOBL-300x300 2D DXF Drawing | Smart Vision Lights MOBL-300x300 PDF Dimension Drawing | Smart Vision Lights


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