DLD180-XXXX 180mm Dome Light With 4 Channels/Color LED’s

Spectrum IlluminationSKU: DLD180-BBBB-EC3
Lead time: 2 Weeks

LED Color: Blue and Blue
Zone 3 and Zone 4 Colors: Blue and Blue


Spectrum Illumination DLD180-XXXX

Monster-Series Multi-Channel (Internal Driver) Dome Lights


•Internal Driver - Plug & Play
•Auto Burst Technology
•High power LED’s (24 VDC)
•Supports up to 4 preloaded LED colors
•Custom Color LED’s available
•M12 connector for quick disconnect
•Available in 6 colors,Ultra-Violet,Infrared
•Available in 1 size
•0 - 10 VDC intensity Control
•Potentiometer Intensity Control
•10 Year Warranty* - 100,000 hours


DLD180-XXXX Downloads 

DLD180-XXXX Datasheet | Spectrum Illumination DLD180-XXXX 3D STEP Model | Spectrum Illumination
DLD180-XXXX 2D DXF Drawing | Spectrum Illumination DLD180-XXXX PDF Dimension Drawing | Spectrum Illumination


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