SLM-3-150 Metric Ball Link 150mm

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Swivellink SLM-3-150 Link

Links are used with knuckles to extend the reach and increase the flexibility. The metric standard series links are available in 5 lengths: 50MM, 100MM, 150MM, 200MM, and 300MM. The second number in the name is representative of the length of each link, for example SLM-3-150 would be a 150mm link.

SLM-3-150 Downloads 

Catalog Download SLM-3-150 3D STEP Model | Swivellink

SLM-3-150 Specifications

Brand Swivellink
Product Type Link
Series Standard
Imperial or Metric Metric
Dimensions 6.59 × 1.122 × 1.122 in
Weight 0.164 lbs

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