MidOpt PC052 Circular Polarizing Filter

Midwest Optical SystemsSKU: PC052-22.5

Filter Mounting Thread: 22.5mm


MidOpt PC052 Linear Polarizing Filter

Used to eliminate specular reflections and hot spots, Circular Polarizers in rotating mounts allow maximum flexibility and ease of use. However in most machine vision applications we recommend the use of linear rather than circular polarizers. Circular polarizers are recommended for eliminating glare from spherical surfaces or in cases where an auto-focus or metering system are used involving a beamsplitter or mirror mounted in the optical path inside the camera.

Best results are achieved when circular polarizing film is also used over the light source. Left-handed and right-handed polarization directions are available.

*Not available in 1mm thickness or standard 25.4™ C-Mount option. For filters thicker than 1mm, we offer an alternative mounting solution that has an overall thickness of 5.5mm. This mount can accommodate filters up to 3.5mm thick. To view this alternative C-Mount option, click here.

MidOpt PC052 Linear Polarizing Filter Technical Characteristics

Useful Range: 400-700nm
Contrast Ratio
Surface Quality 40/20

MidOpt PC052 Linear Polarizing Filter Transmission Chart

MidOpt PC052 Circular Polarizing Filter

About Midwest Optical Systems Polarizers:

Polarizers are designed to reduce specular glare by passing only the light polarized in the direction perpendicular to the reflected light (glare). In addition, they help improve contrast, increase color saturation and detect imperfections in transparent materials. MidOpt Polarizing Filters can be easily and securely mounted to your lens and light source for maximum extinction or glare reduction.

  • Contrast ratios average up to 10,000:1
  • Linear, circular and wire grid polarizers are available for visible (VIS) and near-infrared (NIR) spectrums
  • Rotating mount with locking thumb screw to fine tune glare reduction
  • Exceptional surface quality; 40/20 scratch/dig

Polarizing Filter & Film Applications:

Polarizers are commonly used to reduce glare from non-metallic in objects with smooth surfaces or surfaces covered with grease, oil or liquid. For best results, use an optical-grade Polarizer over the lens and Polarizing Film over the light source. The PR120/PG120 offers ultra-high contrast and an anti-reflection oleophobic coating.

For Best Results: Polarizing Film should be used over the light source in conjunction with a Polarizing Filter over the camera lens.

How to use a polarizing filter by Midwest Optical Systems

MidOpt PC052 Part Numbers:

MidOpt PC052-22.5
MidOpt PC052-27
MidOpt PC052-30.5
MidOpt PC052-34
MidOpt PC052-35.5
MidOpt PC052-37
MidOpt PC052-37.5
MidOpt PC052-39
MidOpt PC052-40.5
MidOpt PC052-43
MidOpt PC052-46
MidOpt PC052-48
MidOpt PC052-49
MidOpt PC052-52
MidOpt PC052-55
MidOpt PC052-58
MidOpt PC052-62
MidOpt PC052-67
MidOpt PC052-72
MidOpt PC052-77
MidOpt PC052-82
MidOpt PC052-86
MidOpt PC052-95
MidOpt PC052-105

MidOpt Filter Mounting Options

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