LP286 Borofloat® Oleophobic A/R Coated Protective Window

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MidOpt LP286 Borofloat® Oleophobic A/R Coated Protective Window

LP286 windows are made with high-impact, thermal-resistant Borofloat®, which is transparent in the near-UV, visible, and near-infrared ranges. It has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion and high shock resistance, withstanding temperatures up to 450° C for extended periods of time. Borofloat® is resistant to staining and harsh chemicals such as acids or alkalis, making it the protective window of choice when an economical window is needed for use in a harsh, high temperature environment. MidOpt LP286 windows have a rugged multi-layer, broadband anti-reflection coating to limit reflection loss in the visible and near-infrared spectrums. These windows are also available with an oleophobic (anti-smudge) coating to resist oils and moisture build-up, allowing for much easier cleaning.

MidOpt LP286 Borofloat® Oleophobic A/R Coated Protective Window Technical Characteristics

Useful Range: 350-1100nm
Tolerance: +/- 10nm
Peak Transmission ?98%
Surface Quality 40/20
Mount (Mount Varies)
Clear Aperture (Aperture Varies)
Overall Thickness (Overall Thickness Varies)
Exposed Thickness (Exposed Thickness Varies)
StablEdge Yes

*Filters 62mm and greater have a surface quality tolerance of 60/40.

MidOpt LP286 Borofloat® Oleophobic A/R Coated Protective Window Transmission Chart

MidOpt LP286 Protective Window Transmission

MidOpt LP286 Borofloat® Oleophobic A/R Coated Protective Window Transmission Data 

MidOpt LP286 Longpass Filter Datasheet

MidOpt LP286 Part Numbers:

MidOpt LP286-25.4
MidOpt LP286-13.25
MidOpt LP286-22.5
MidOpt LP286-27
MidOpt LP286-30.5
MidOpt LP286-34
MidOpt LP286-35.5
MidOpt LP286-37
MidOpt LP286-37.5
MidOpt LP286-39
MidOpt LP286-40.5
MidOpt LP286-43
MidOpt LP286-46
MidOpt LP286-48
MidOpt LP286-49
MidOpt LP286-52
MidOpt LP286-55
MidOpt LP286-58
MidOpt LP286-62
MidOpt LP286-67
MidOpt LP286-72
MidOpt LP286-77
MidOpt LP286-82
MidOpt LP286-86
MidOpt LP286-95
MidOpt LP286-105 

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