MidOpt FL550 Light Balancing Filter (Minus Green)

Midwest Optical SystemsSKU: FL550-13.25

Filter Mounting Thread: 13.25mm


MidOpt FL550 Light Balancing Filter (Minus Green)

Used to eliminate the strong greenish color that often results when illuminating with white fluorescent lighting. The FL550 absorbs light in the middle of the visible spectrum, which is where most color cameras have their strongest response, eliminating a greenish cast, resulting in true-to-life color rendition.

MidOpt FL550 Light Balancing Filter (Minus Green) Technical Characteristics

Useful Range: 400-700nm
Tolerance: +/- 5 Mired
Peak Transmission 0
Surface Quality 40/20

*Filters 62mm and greater have a surface quality tolerance of 60/40.

MidOpt FL550 Light Balancing Filter (Minus Green) Transmission Chart

MidOpt FL550 Neutral Density Filter Transmission

MidOpt FL550 Light Balancing Filter (Minus Green) Transmission Data 

MidOpt FL550 Shortpass Filter Datasheet

MidOpt FL550 Part Numbers:

MidOpt FL550-25.4
MidOpt FL550-13.25
MidOpt FL550-22.5
MidOpt FL550-27
MidOpt FL550-30.5
MidOpt FL550-34
MidOpt FL550-35.5
MidOpt FL550-37
MidOpt FL550-37.5
MidOpt FL550-39
MidOpt FL550-40.5
MidOpt FL550-43
MidOpt FL550-46
MidOpt FL550-48
MidOpt FL550-49
MidOpt FL550-52
MidOpt FL550-55
MidOpt FL550-58
MidOpt FL550-62
MidOpt FL550-67
MidOpt FL550-72
MidOpt FL550-77
MidOpt FL550-82
MidOpt FL550-86
MidOpt FL550-95
MidOpt FL550-105 

MidOpt Filter Mounting Options

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