Learn Machine Vision Illumination Techniques from the Best in the Business!

Smart Vision Lights is the go-to for the how-to for machine vision education and training. Their onsite training program pairs fundamentals of machine vision lighting with hands-on experience in the Smart Vision Lights demo lab.

In this well rounded training led by Steve Kinney, Director of Training at Smart Vision Lights, attendees will gain an understanding of lighting and imaging principles, available solutions, and hear the leading Machine Vision Illumination companies view of the future, all while having ample time and interaction with Smart Vision Lights’ knowledgeable staff.

Here’s some of what will be covered in this two-day training:

  • Machine vision lighting techniques
    • Common form factors
    • Lighting Geometry
    • Use of wavelength
    • Optical filters
  • Camera fundamentals and practical optics
  • Live demonstrations and hands-on experience
  • Advanced lighting for computational imaging
    • Photometric stereo (PMS)
    • Pattern area lighting (PAL)
    • Structured light projectors
    • Multi-shot high resolution color
    • Multispectral imaging
  • Technology preview
    • Get a preview of what’s coming next in lighting innovation from Smart Vision Lights’ founder and CTO, Matt Pinter

Register For The November 10-11 Session Today

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